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PRSI’s data base surveys are comprehensive reports that discuss the existing roofing system components, current problems and recommendations. Data base organization is essential to recommend the correct procedures and materials to either repair, restore or replace a roof area. The various parameters that effect the performance of a roofing system must be taken into consideration before the design can take place.

Data Base CAD Drawing

The following is a list of items that are included in the Data Base phase of a project.


Initiate a thorough review of each roof area. This includes a study of both interior and exterior parameters that may effect the performance of the roof. Examples are heat, humidity, and chemical contamination.
Review drainage problems. Make recommendations on how to relieve any heavily ponded areas.
Review previous patching procedures. Note location of any type of materials used.
Provide photographic verification of problem areas.
Extract core samples to verify construction. A minimum of three cores are taken on each roof area. This includes the field of the roof, perimeter flashing and projection. Analyze random samples for asbestos content.
Provide detail drawings of each roof area. All drawings are to scale and list perimeter details, location and type of each penetration, and existing construction.
Establish a computer enhanced data base that lists all pertinent information of each roof.
Design a plan of action. This includes recommendations on what should be done with each particular roof.
Prioritize various sections of roof based on condition of all roof materials, interior sensitivity and structural conditions. This priority is based on discussion with personnel of the client and Professional Roof Services, Inc.
Establish a financial plan to upgrade roofs based on long and short term goals. Multi-year plans are available for building owners that have multiple buildings and/or roofs.

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PRSI provides detailed and extensive data base surveys and reports for a variety of projects throughout the region.

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