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Once all the information has been gathered on the existing assembly, proper decisions can be made to either repair, restore, retro-fit or replace the roof. The information is also very useful in picking a roofing system that can withstand all the parameters that will effect the roof.

Specification CAD Drawing

The following is a list of items which are included in the specification:


As monies become available, prepare detailed specification documents for roof replacement projects.
Review with the client personnel different types and materials and their related costs.
Develop a list of contractors, with the client, to quote on work.
Hold site meetings with contractors, manufacturers and personnel to cover:
    1. Job Setup
    2. Specification Interpretation
    3. Job Inspection
    4. Material Requirements
    5. Job Payments
    6. Review All Bids With The Client
Schedule a pre-job meeting with successful bidder and manufacturer to cover:
    1. Payment Schedules
    2. Review Bidders Meeting Notes
    3. Closely Monitor Project as Work Progresses
    4. Provide a Post Construction Infrared Scan to Ensure a Dry Roof Assembly
    5. Arrange a Post Construction Conference and Inspect the Roof for Warranty Approval
    In order to receive the longest life possible from a roofing system, a thorough investigation must be made in order to develop a proper set of specifications. Since roofing is one of the most expensive replacement items facing facility managers, the correct decisions must be made. We also specialize in yearly maintenance plans and structural surveys.

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PRSI provides detailed and extensive data base surveys and reports for a variety of projects throughout the region.

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